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Completing a thesis is the capstone experience of the QMSS program. Students take this opportunity to apply the tools and methodologies developed through their coursework to questions of particular interest to them. The list of theses below demonstrates the broad array of substantive subject areas to which our graduates have applied their expertise.

The list is organized by the departmental affiliation of the faculty member who advised the thesis and the year in which it was completed. Though our program director has progressively advised more students we always encourage students to find additional advisors in our affiliate departments.


  • Predicting stock returns with Twitter: A test of semi-strong form EMH (2017)
  • Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Sources of Foreign exchange Reserve and Price  Fluctuation in China (2016)
  • The Pursuit of Happiness: An Exploration of the Effects of State Unemployment and Inflation Rates on Subjective Well-Being in the United States (2014)
  • Who Receives Climate Finance and Why? A Quantitative Analysis of Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Funds Allocation during 2003-2013 (2014)
  • The American Dream—Deferred (2013)
  • Job Satisfaction and Employee Turnover Intention: What does Organizational Culture Have To Do With It? (2013)
  • What Factors Are Associated With Poor Households Engaging in Entrepreneurship? (2013)
  • Uncertainty in measuring Sustainable Development: An application for the Sustainability-adjusted HDI (2012)
  • Homeownership and Child Welfare in Unstable Times (2012)
  • Looking Towards an Economic Recovery Accompanied with Higher Post-Secondary Aspirations and Attainment (2012)
  • Can Online Word of Mouth Assign a Product Price? (2012)
  • Tracking Shopping Behavior at the Point of Purchase (2012)
  • On the Evaluation of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs (2012)
  • Dynamic Embedding and Speculation: A Cointegration Analysis of Food Prices (2012)
  • Financial Crisis and Bank Failure Prediction: Learning Lessons from the Great Recession (2011)
  • How Effective are Government R&D Subsidies in Stimulating R&D Efforts within US Firms? (2011)
  • Putting the Heat on "Cap-and-Trade": In Search of a Capital Markets Friendly Solution to Saving Our Planet (2011)
  • Starbucks and its Peers: Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Financial Performance (2011)
  • Credit Rating Agencies as Regulatory Licensors (2011)
  • Us Against the World: An Experimental Economic Examination of Local and Global Institutions, Norm Enforcement, and Public Goods (2011)
  • Statistical Arbitrage Strategies and Profit Potential in Commodity Futures Markets (2011)
  • The Effect of Variety-Seeking in Store Choice on Brand Seeking (2011)
  • An Approach to Lending with Heterogeneous Borrowers (2010)
  • Changes in Perceived Risk and Liquidity Shocks and Its Impact on Risk Premiums (2010)
  • Running Head: Pricing and Microfinance (2010)
  • Equity Risk Premium Puzzle and Investors' Behavioral Analysis: A Theoretical and Empirical Explanation from the Stock Markets in the U.S. & China (2010)
  • College Town Real Estate: More than Just Football Games (2010)
  • Investing in Microfinance: A Portfolio Optimization Approach (2010)
  • Irrational Behavior of the Asset Bubble Market Participants (2010)
  • Empirical Analysis of Value Investing Strategy in Times of Subprime Mortgage Crisis 2007-08 (2009)
  • Two Engines of Monetary Policy: The Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank: Different Approaches. Different Results? (2008)
  • Searching for the "Sweet Spot": The Optimal Mix of Executive Compensation to Maximize Firm Performance (2005)
  • Differentials in Firm-Level Productivity and Corporate Governance: Evidence from Japanese Firm Data in 1998-2001 (2004) 
  • Where's the Brand Equity?: Further Investigations Into the Role of Brand Equity in Experiential, Luxury, and Other Products (2003)
  • An Account of Worth through Corporate Communication (2002)


Public Health

Political Science

Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences

School of International and Public Affairs



Teachers College

Other Columbia Departments and Centers

  • An Analysis of Pairwise Preference (2016. Computer Science)
  • Gentrification and Crime in the Recession Era: Evidence from New York City neighborhoods using Bayesian linear mixed modeling (2016, Urban Planning)
  • Assessment of Predictability of Rice Production in the Philippines with Seasonal Climate Forecast (2010) - International Research Institute for Climate and Society
  • Consumerism and Political Connectedness in Socialist Czechoslovakia (2010) - History