Our alumni follow a diverse array of paths ranging from academic, to industry, to government work. Check out some of their stories below.


Bob Filbin

2011 alum, Bob Filbin, is Chief Data Scientist at Crisis Text Line, the first large-scale 24/7 national crisis line for teens on the medium they use and trust most: texting. Bob specializes in the application of behavioral psychology to questions of data collection, analysis, and reporting, to make sure data leads to strategic actions. Bob has given keynote lectures on using data to drive behavioral change at the YMCA National CIOs Conference, NFAR Summit, and SXSW. He has written for the Harvard Business Review and Medium, and was named one of the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s 40 Under 40 in 2016 who are making their mark in the nonprofit world. You can read more about his work in Philanthropy.com's 2016 profile.


Jeff Chen

2011 alum, Jeff Chen, is currently serving as the first-ever Chief Data Scientist for the United States Department of Commerce. He is an proactive player in the movement within govenrment agencies to embrace data science. In the past, he has leant his skills to both the New York City Fire Department and NASA. Jeff was recently featured by LinkedIn as one of the top 10 professionals under 35 who are "changing how government and policy work". You can keep up with his hot takes on the state of commerce and research by following him on Twitter @SigmaMonstR


Eurry Kim

After graduating from QMSS, Eurry worked for a number of notable companies including The Walt Disney Corporation and Facebook before joining the Hillary for America Campaign as Director of Fundraising/Digital Analytics in 2015. Working on the campaign, Eurry managed a team of analysts tasked with answering strategic questions and reporting on the campaign fundraising efforts. Collaborating with teams across the campaign, Eurry is a lynch pin in force behind Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential bid. To find out more about her career trajectory, connect with her on LinkedIn.


Jeeyoon Park

After graduating from QMSS Jeeyoon Park went on to work for the American Bar association and The Weather Company before transitioning into her current role as Director of Data Science at ESPN in the fall of 2016 where she is working to operationalize the network's data to improve and tailor content. You can find out more about here career path by connecting with her on LinkedIn.


Stephen Ra

After graduating from QMSS in 2015, Stephen Ra completed a Ph.D. in applied and computational statistics before joining Pfizer as a Data Scientist. There, he is engaged in translational genetics/genomics research. His work focuses on understanding how changes at the level of the genome and epigenome alter the pathophysiology and treatment of affective disorders. He is committed to developing and applying scalable machine learning for data-driven solutions and products. Connect with him over LinkedIn or Twitter @stephenrra