Welcome to the alumni resources page for Columbia University’s Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences.  QMSS is committed to developing an ongoing relationship with its alumni and building a strong network for the entire QMSS community.

As graduates of QMSS, our alumni are part of a vibrant international network that encompasses more than 350 QMSS alumni and over 300,000 alumni from the broader Columbia community.  QMSS alumni engagement is integral to the success of our program and its students.  Without the involvement of its alumni, QMSS would not be what it is today.  

This page provides information on opportunities for alumni engagement with the Columbia community and on the benefits and services available to QMSS alumni. In addition to QMSS resources, we encourage alumni to visit the Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Alumni site for additional information and resources.

If you are new to the job market or if it's just been a while since you've refreshed your resume, feel free to download our Resume Template to begin composing your application.

Services and Benefits

As a member of the GSAS alumni community, QMSS alumni are entitled to the following benefits and services:

Alumni Email
Web-based email and email forwarding

Academic Resources
Library access, courses, podcasts, travel study trips, etc.

Columbia Alumni Arts League
Special benefits and discounts at various cultural institutions

Discounted purchases, services, and financial products

Transcripts and certification
Transcripts and certifications of enrollment and degrees

Career Resources

Career development and management is a lifelong process which continues beyond graduation from Columbia. 

Columbia CCE’s Alumni Career Development DepartmentOffers various types of career assistance to support alumni as they navigate and plan careers throughout their lives through individual career counseling, career development programs, self-assessment, job search skills and tools, and career planning. 

QMSS Jobs Bulletin:  QMSS sends out weekly job postings to current students and alumni.  Contact Meghan McCarter to be added to the mailing list.

QMSS LinkedIn Group: Connect with QMSS alumni and current students on LinkedIn. Requests to join the group will be approved within one week.  

Columbia Alumni on LinkedInQMSS alum can also connect with over 30,800 Columbia alumni from the broader university community via LinkedIn. To join the Columbia alumni group automatically, use your Columbia e-mail address and set it as your default LinkedIn address. You can also request to join without a Columbia address, but it will take up to five days to be approved.)

Alumni Directory: Search the directory of all Columbia alumni.  Update your Alumni Directory listing.

Vault: Use Vault.com for jobs, careers, top employers and education programs, job search advice, salary info, job listings, employee message boards, and surveys.

WetFeetWetFeet helps job seekers make smart career decisions through expert career advice, company rankings, top MBA programs information, sample resumes, and other tools. 

Going Global: Going Global provides career & employment resources for 80 worldwide locations, including 42 US and 6 Canadian metro areas.  H-1B visa employer listings, corporate profiles, and 600,000+ job and internship listings are also part of the unlimited access database.  

Career Coaches Network: The Columbia Career Coaches Network is a fee-based service of accredited professional alumni career coaches who want to help you reach your career goals. Search by industry or specialty to find the right coach for you. 

GSAS Alumni Association

The goals of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Alumni Association are: to establish maintain, and nurture the community of GSAS alumni; to foster and encourage ongoing engagement of alumni with the academic and institutional initiatives of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; to support the interests and needs of current graduate students in GSAS; and to assist the Dean of the Graduate School in enhancing the prestige and effectiveness of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Students become members of the GSAS Alumni Association automatically upon receipt of a postgraduate degree from Columbia University.  As members of the association, alumni are entitled to all the privileges offered by life-long membership in this intellectual and social community.  The association only asks that alumni maintain an interest in the present and future of the Graduate School, and that they consider sustaining the academic, professional, and social opportunities provided by GSAS and its Alumni Association to its current and future student populations.

Alumni Updates

If you're changing careers, addresses, places of employment or have any other updates please don't forget to update your information on the GSAS Alumni page. We would love to hear from you as well, so don't hesitate to stop by, call, or email.  Remember that our seminars are always open to the public.

If you want to find fellow QMSS students/alumni, connect with them through our Facebook group or our LinkedIn page: Columbia University QMSS.


QMSS depends on private and institutional gifts of all sizes to bolster the strength of its programs.  The support of alumni and friends helps keep QMSS among the best programs of its kind in the country.  Now, as the face of data analysis continues to change dramatically, contributions from our supporting alum help QMSS stay on the cutting edge.

QMSS faces a broad range of needs to remain competitive.  Your support, regardless of size, helps to meet these needs. Donations are tax deductible and we encourage you to check with your company about "matching funds."

To make a donation, vistit the QMSS Columbia University Giving page.  From the 'Select a Destination' Menu, select "Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences (QMSS) gift" option.

Where does my Support Go?

There are many ways your support can help QMSS continue to train our next generation of data analysts and quantitative researchers. The following options represent some of our most pressing challenges.

Scholarships help attract the most promising students to QMSS. Competition for the best and the brightest is intense. Merit-based scholarships help bring some of the best students in the world to QMSS and help to defray the cost of education for talented students in need.

QMSS faculty impact on our world through their research and their influence on our students in the classroom. Support directed to course offering diversification and research funds enable QMSS to recruit and retain highly recognized scholars and teachers. 

Program Initiatives
QMSS program initiatives, like its Research Assistantship support program give students the opportunity to work on cutting edge research, while providing the Columbia research community with much needed research capacity.  Contributions help QMSS to continue and expand its funding for paid assistantships for years to come.

QMSS alumni are integral to the success of our program and its students. We would love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to stop by, call, or email and remember that our seminars are always open to the public!

If you want to find fellow QMSS alumni, connect to them through our Facebook group or our LinkedIn page: Columbia University QMSS (here you'll find QMSS alums and current students).

In addition to QMSS resources we encourage alums to visit the Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Alumni site which even more additional information and resources.